quarta-feira, 12 de outubro de 2011


This is a special post for our friends abroad who follow the blog through facebook, but complain that they do not understand portuguese messages. As well as we live, new people come up to our life, we know places and make ​​new friends, this is part of our evolution. In life there are some people who do not get back, either by special moments or otherwise made ​​part of our life. This post is dedicated to all our friends who enjoy cycling adventures or just want to follow the expedition because want to know us. Special thanks to my Canadian friends Robert Waltrich adn Kevin Hiwuth, with whom I had the pleasure of cycling in Europe this year. I also thanks a person who has accessed the blog in each new post directly from Ukraine, Olena Kulchytska (Я не забуду). It will also be a pleasure to go back to Mendoza (Argentine) and meet my good friend German Arenas with whom I studied at UNC in 1999 (todavia no me olvide de los asados en los domingos). I hope all of you can follow this blog and it will serve to keep our friendship. Kisses and hugs to all your friends!

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